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birding los cabos Mexico

Being Locals with many years of experience  give us the knowledge to know exactly where to go, how to do it, and when.

The most important part, Being Safe!

Surf the website and contact us at any time.


Los Cabos is a Birder's paradise
and cruise-ship passengers are welcome too!


We  know when, where and how to enjoy the endemics the easiest & safeties

Let the local Birding Los Cabos experts' guides help you accomplish your life-list,

Will be a great honor to show you around and the birds through Tours, Journeys


We make your valuable time and money worth the best !!!

Since 1999 We are Pioneers introducing Birding In Los Cabos , Birding Los Cabos'team had created Birding ,  bird-watching Tours & Journeys  for avid birders or beginners, we also serve a large audience of birders coming on  Cruisers.

We have several birding option we can combine with other tours or activities , our tours are focused on birding but enriched with  hiking, trekking, desert walks, whale watching, sea-turtle programs, ocean activities, astronomy, stargazing, history, culture, art, swimming whale sharks, ancestral cave paintings, flora & fauna, kayaking,  and so much more for you to choose from, and have a blast!

Our Guides are well educated , certified by Mexican ministry of Tourism and other international Institutions related with National Park services like Audubon , Sonoran Joint Venture , NAI and others , All of them apply Leave No Trace ethics and are 95% Fluent in English-Spanish Most of all our priority is offer you Safety

We are a sustainable Company so work with many local rancheros  at remote communities , to benefit many families from eco-turism.

Equipments we use in Birding Los Cabos are professional , high quality , well maintained.

Due Geographical Location, to come to  Los Cabos is like to come to an island cost of living is like 3-4 times more expensive than Main Land Mexico , certainly we might not be the cheapest but we are the best in the area.

Birding Los Cabos Tours and Journeys is based in Baja California Sur, Mexico but we have Journeys all over Mexico , contact us :

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