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Birding Journeys In Mexico

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Mexico is one of Most Mega-diverse Country with many World Heritage sites declared By UNESCO , You can encounter 1,124 Birds species around 10.16% of world population of Birds , out of those 109 are endemic to Mexico .  with 32 States offers a wide range of habitats where some of the greater Pre-hispanic  Cultures flourished and inherit great Legacy , along Birding Journeys you will encounter with many of them .  

Baja California Peninsula covers 1000 miles. is home of whales and in sea of cortes we host 2/3 of world marine life , Veracruz Mexico is like a Funnel to most species of Raptors and many other species when migrate from US & Canada to Tropical clime in south Mexico or Caribbean countries , many wetlands are birds paradise and It offers an endless number of opportunities, environments and ecosystems which, are almost untouched by human, others are in the heart of Big cities , in each Journey you will Be immerse in Birding & Culture and Nature. And enjoy the company of one of the most hospitable people  

Join some of our following multy day packages/ camp/expeditions.

Our programs & Next departures are below:

If some of the tours are of your interest but they don't fit your dates of vacation please contact us we might open another date or Tailor one for your ,  e-mail address:


Click at any image to get details 

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Every Sunday 

7 days Fins & feathers-Birding Los cabos  .jpg

Feb. 3-9,2025

Birding For Cruisers- Birding Los cabos .jpg

Every Day 

Birding Yucatan Mexico Birding Los cabos.jpg

March 30-Apr 8,2025

River of Raptors Birding Los cabos  .jpg

October 6-14,2024

Birding Copper Canyon.jpeg

April 10-19,2025

Road Scholars 's Journeys to get immersed in  Birding

but also en joy Mexican culture and nature guided by professional local guides.

Procedure to book a Journey:

 #1 Please send an e-mail to With the following information :

  • Which program(s) would you like to   attend?

  • Dates you will be visiting the area?

  • Which hotel (cruise) are you going to stay? (to give you your pick up time)

  • Number of attendees.

 #2  You will receive via e-mail a confirmation letter  with the pick-up time, confirmation code-number, the details of your reservation and be requested to make a deposit of 50% we will send you a PayPal invoice. You are all set.

#3  When you arrive to your hotel please send us your room number and advice the concierge or front desk clerk that you are going to be picked-up to go birding.


#4 Be at the pick-up time & place mentioned in your confirmation letter.

#5 When you get picked up, present the confirmation letter to the driver and please pay the 50% balance.

#6 Enjoy your tour.

#7   Note: in case of single traveller, we require a minimum of  4 attendees to operate any multy-day tour Due to the same reason we have a calendar with open dates and we are constantly advertising and promoting. In the remote case we don't have other passengers booked to your tour you will be asked if you are willing to pay the minimum.  

all the tours are limited to 10 attendees 

Add a passenger: May you want to add a passenger in your tour, send us an e-mail it will be added to the reservation under your name to ensure that you will be in the same group.

Travel insurance: All visitors must have a valid travel insurance when touring in Mexico.



May you need to contact us: 

  MSM or What’s app 



Our Goal: To offer you opportunities to create your everlasting memories with your loveed ones, in touch with our Mexican natural & Cultural Heritage.

Note: prices are in MX$, based in double occupancy, single supplements are available at additional cost 

prices can change with out notice, the sooner you reserve the more you ensure the price.

If you find a better price or someone quotes you cheaper, send us the announcement or quote and we will equal the price, or improve it !!!!!!

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