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Baja California & Sea Of Cortez 

Birds & Whales

9N-10 days  Price per person : US$3,200



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Program : BEX2

Baja California is located at the north-west of Mexico, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California or Sea of Cortez. Over the years many explorers and researchers have being delighted by the uniqueness of the area;  Jacques Cousteau named it  “The Mexican Galapagos Islands”  and the Sea of Cortez “The largest living aquarium of the world”. Recently Birding Los Cabos a local NGOs have elevated the Baja California Peninsula to prominence in the birding world. 

Birdwatching is relatively new in the area, but the local leaders are Biologist and birders, had earned credentials from many schools and universities ,  are certified authorised and experienced to provide the finest birding and the most productive whale watching in Baja California. they have more than 15 years experience , during their free time they are researching, monitoring, attending training programs  and volunteer to lead school kids of rural areas  they ensure that  you will be immerse in culture and nature of Baja California and the sea of Cortez.


We will see the three species of endemic land birds; Grey Thrasher is common throughout in desert scrub, as is the little Xantus's Hummingbird, although Belding's Yellowthroat is not widespread but is expected to be found in remnant marsh habitats. The Sierra de la Laguna harbours a number of endemic subspecies. Birding opportunities around La Paz promise an array of seabirds, shorebirds, and land birds including Least Grebe, Neotropic Cormorant, both Brown and Blue-footed boobies, Magnificent Frigatebird, ten species of herons including Reddish Egret, White Ibis. We will make special efforts to see cetaceans and whale watching over six boat trips, out of Bahia Magdalena and other important bays, with the hope of encountering grey, humpback, long-fin pilot, blue and orca whales, not to mention enjoying sightings of whale-sharks, rays, sea-lions, as well as a couple of visits and involvement the release of sea turtles. We will admire the beauty of unique cactus, agaves and other succulent plants, with breath-taking landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, framed by the ocean.  Summarizing, we will experience "The Peninsula Indomitable" or "The Untamed Peninsula", just two descriptions of how explorers have described this remote place, an area attracting nature lovers by its fabulous natural values. you will be lead and receive personal attention by Experienced Biologist , and birders with large experience , certified and bilingual,  this exciting tour, which promises to be both productive and enjoyable. Even non-birding partners will love it!

Itinerary: day by day

The following Itinerary only mention the highlights of each day , full details , itinerary agenda and map of route will be provided upon registration  contact us...

     Day 1                    Day 2                    Day 3                  Day 4                    Day 5                  Day 6

Arrivals  & spread your wings on your own

welcome dinner & briefing 

Birding Endemics & snorkel experience 

Sierra la laguna Bhiosphere 

Birding along the path of past birders 

adding 40 species & marine life

Close encounter with gray-whales and pelagic birding 

     Day 7                    Day 8                    Day 9                  Day 10                    Day 11                  Day 12

Close encounter with grey-whales and pelagic birds       

birding mudflats & encounter whale-sharks

Birding rockeries 

boobyes , gulls , terns, and more 

Cultural program and stargazing 

day of pelagic birding  & farewell dinner   

light Brekfast & departures 

An e- registration package with detailed itinerary will be provided upon full down payment.

General information:

What´s included

All lodging , all ground and water , transportation, all meals, from dinner on first day until breakfast on the final day,  reserve-parks entrance fees. We shall be staying in  different comfortable and charming accommodations, often in superb coastal locations.


What´s not included

airline ticket to / from your country  , any overnight stay that may be involved during your transit , transfer airport, hotel airport, (available at additional cost)  travel insurance, alcoholic drinks, gratuities  and any items of a purely personal nature. please fly in Los cabos international airport code : SJD Tour code

We will explore the unique deserts and foothills of the Cape District, including Sierra La Laguna National Park in southern Baja California for its endemic birds. In La Paz and Sea of Cortez we’ll explore its rugged coast lines surrounded by whales where seabirds and shorebirds are abundant along with a visit to the famous Magdalena Bay  for close encounters with majestic whales and other marine life.

Selected species list

Endemics :

 Cape Pygmy Owl, San Lucas Robin, Xantus´s Hummingbird, Belding's Yellowthroat, Baird's Junco, Yellow-footed Gull, Grey Thrasher, Gilded Flicker, Gila Woodpecker, Blue Footed Booby, Heerman´s Gull, Willson´s Plover, Harris's Hawk.


Marine life : 

Grey Whale, Short-fin Pilot Whale, Orca (or Killer) Whale, Blue Whals, Humpback Whale, Sperm Whale, Hammer-head Shark, Whale Shark, California Sea-Lion, Marlin Fish, Manta Ray, White-sided Pacific Dolphin, Leatherback Sea Turtle, Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, Clarion Fish,

Please Fly in:   Los Cabos International airport  (SJD) a day before departure 

Information and reservations :       

 to ensure personal attention and preserve the environment group is limited to 10 attendees per departure and 2 leaders , we can operate several departures

Price per person: US$ 3,200

single room supplement: US$ 350

How do I book ? : just send us a mail :

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Baja California & Sea Of Cortez 

Birds & whales





  • 7 endemic birds

  • 300 + resident , migrants , wintering birds representing all the species of birds.

  • perhaps vagrants 

  • close encounter with gray whales

  • humpback- whales

  • dolphins & purposes

  • whale-sharks

  • sea-turtles

  • stargazing

  • butterflies

  • sea-lions

  • breathtaking vistas and landscape

  • snorkeling

  • relaxing

  • birding

  • hiking

  • delicious mexican food

  • enjoy sea food

  • and much more 



All lodging 11 Nights DBL

 All Transportation required for all the activities (ground & water transportation) except airport transfers nor airline.

All meals 11 D, 12 B, 11 L , from dinner on first day until breakfast on the final day,  reserve-parks entrance fees. We shall be staying in  different comfortable and charming accommodations, often in superb coastal locations.

General Information:


Price per person :

US$ 3,400

single room supplement 

US$ 350


to ensure your enjoynment and preservation of wildlife 

Group is limited to 10 participants and two leader per departure , we can operate several departures or tailored programs , contact us

(price could change without notice)


please send an
e-mail to request calendar of departures : 

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