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Mexico Throughout Centuries.

10 Days Culture & 

Living Art, History & Culinary experience's Immersion.

​Travel Safe Lead by Fully Bilingual Certified Guide 

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Mexico is full of  Traditions, Art & History, the Pre-Hispanic Cultures  such as Aztec, Maya and Toltec  were as majestic as the Babylonians, Assyrians or Egyptians. They had their own ethnic food, ingredients, traditions  & believes, then were conquered by Spaniards and other Europeans and introduced the Old world  food, ingredients, traditions;  when mixed gave origin to mestizo and  Creole  food and traditions.

During this Experience,  we will visit sites from Pre-Hispanic time to Modern times, all  its archeological sites,  buildings, tianguis (market in nahuatl), museums & cathedrals are like open books full of  History, stories of its inhabitants and  messages… if you could only read them. So come and witness the encounter of two worlds!!! Each day we will try a different dish from Pre-Hispanic to now days time.

Each day we will try food from different time period, also from different region of Mexico. Mexican  Culinary, Food Art & Culture will be interpreted by professional Mexicans, you will be lead by an Architect, art Historian & a Tour-guide  along with local Chefs & experts.  you will be immersed in the Culture with Safe, security  and  international Standard services to experience Mexico trough the Centuries…

Touch, See, Listen, Feel,  Taste, Explore, Discover, Experience and Enjoy México!!!

Mexico-living art&

Your Guides:

Edgar, Claudio & MariaElena.

Will combine their knowledge , experience & expertise to provide you the best tour/experience ever!!!

Tour will begin: Day #1 at International airport of Mexico City (MEX).
Will end: Day #10 from Hotel.


Arrivals -  Welcome to Mexico City. Transfer to Hotel, evening tour, welcome dinner. Culinary experience from Jalisco, land of Tequila and Mariachi.

Meals: D

 Day # 2

Encounter past Cultures. Prehispanic Mexico, travel to the past to the Dwells of Gods, visit archeological sites  & step in the footsteps of early Native Nations, one of greatest  world Civilizations of ancient time  world heritage By UNESCO. Culinari experience: Mexican pastries, pre-hispanic food  from Toltec culture.

 Meals: B,L,D

 Day # 3

Colonial and novo hispanic eras. Prehispanic Temple, a different culture root of a great nation,  visit one of the Oldest College in American Continent 1583, Inquisition Palace & Cathedral  the good & the evil the same day.

Culinary experience: Pre-hispanic food  from Aztec culture & Criole.

Meals: B,L,D

 Day #4

Hidden Jewels in the City 

Only Byzantine art expresion (476-1453 AC) found in Mexico City , Prehispanic buildings & the famous mural Mexico trough centuries By Diego Rivera.

Culinary experience : Mestizo  and from 1600s  food

 Meals: B,L,D

 Day #5

Baroque and its highlights. We will travel back to baroque era architecture, old buildings, one of the oldest library in American Continent  with 45 059 books  from century XV to XIX and few from  XX  a World heritage by UNESCO...  books & writings from Socartes, Descartes, Galilee, Isaac Newton, polyglot Bible, Sor Christopher Columbus, Padre Kino, Junipero Serra, Carlos de Siguenza & Gongora, Charles Darwin, Juana Ines de La Cruz  among many others.

Culinary experience: Mexican pastries with French influence, Food from Puebla, from Viceroyalty era

 Meals: B,L,D

 Day # 6

From Achaic times to Viceroyalty. The greatest collection of every single  prehispanic culture of Mexico, then travel to Independence & Viceroyalty time  of Mexico...  the only castle built by Europeans in American Continent, if the building  could talk would tell you many historical events... but, your guides will!

Culinary experience: Mexican traditional food.

 Meals: B,L,D

 Day # 7

A Romance influenced the Country. Visit: Murals, Diego Rivera & Frida Khalo Home, some of the most famous artist of Mexico, love & hate painted in their walls & corners... 

Culinary experience: Frida Khalos favorite food.

 Meals: B,L,D

Day # 8

Art Medley. Visit a collection of Art, travel from 1400 to 1917 trough paintings and sculptures, admire from renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque, Neoclassical, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, some surrealism, it might sound complicated but  in easy way tips & tricks the art historian will help you to identify them all.

Culinary experience: The 3 Ts (Tacos, Tortas and Tostadas) experience!

 Meals: B,L,D

Day #9

Arts & Crafts , Folklore & Mexican candies 

Mexico Through centuries by  Candies, arts & crafts, visit some places where you can find  handmade arts & crafts from all over Mexico,  all kind of materials & techniques, embroidery, carvings, pottery, clay, wood, copper, textiles, fibers, silver, gold, pearls,  vanilla, cocoa, candies and more from  pre-hispanic cultures to century XXI,  in the evening enjoy our  Farewell dinner.

Culinary experience: Aztec food  & Mexican Gourmet!

 Meals: B,L,D

Day # 10

Departures... hasta La Vista!!!

Contact Us:

Note: Tour will be operated if we have a minimum of 2 participants, not necessary from your group, please spread the word.... Thank you!

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  • Airport transfer day #1

  • 9 hotel nights DBL occupancy.

  • 9 Mexican Breakfast.

  • 8 Mexican Lunch.

  • 9 Mexican Dinner.

  • 2 T-shirts.

  • 1 small back-pack for day trips.

  • 1 ID & Holder.

  • 24  tours & guided programs combined in 10 days such as guided visit to archeological sites, pyramids, museums, old churches, cathedral, Governor Palace, Murals, Historical Buildings & homes, Castle, folkloric show. Arts & crafts markets World's heritage sites by UNESCO among others. 

  • Entrance tickets & permits.

  • Guides.

  • Local experts &  hosts.



Does Not Include: 

  • Travel documents such as visa

  • Airline tickets please fly to the international airport of Mexico City (MEX). 

  • Transfer Hotel -Airport day #10 departure. 

  • Tips nor gratuities.

  • Alcoholic drinks.

  • Personal expenses.

  • Medical insurance.

  • What is not mentioned in this promotional.

  • Special meals at extra cost. 

  • Single supplement at extra cost.

  • Some museums charge a  pictures' fee (optional).


Price per person: US$3,890 
in double occupancy.

Single supplement available at extra cost  please ask.

(price could change without notice).


  • May 12-21

Or any other day of your convenience as far as we have a minimum of 2 participants.

5 steps to reserve : 

#1 Send an e-mail

provide your name 

number  of travelers including you 


#2 We will send you a confirmation's letter & request a PayPal deposit.

#3 we will send you an e- registration package.

#4 pay the balance 30 days prior departure.

#5 Enjoy the trip.

We will also travel trough centuries by the food we will taste!


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